Biography of the artist

I have always had a passion for drawing and painting, but, as I grew up having been surrounded my entire youth by the warm atmosphere of the family hotel, I naturally opted for the culinary profession. This allowed me not only to have an international career in restaurants and hotels, but also to develop my creative and artistic talent.

My ‘career’ as an artist was launched in the 70s, during my stay in London, where I worked as a young commis chef in a five star hotel. Mrs Stelmachowszca, my charming Polish landlady who was also an artist, donated to me all her paint, tubes, brushes, etc. I’ll be forever grateful to her, as this was the break I really needed to encourage me.

Later transferred to a large five star hotel of Sydney, Australia, I began to develop a sugar painting technique to decorate my culinary buffets (based on pastry techniques) and painted life-size sugar portraits on cakes; one notably for the birthday cake of RollingStones star Mick Jagger.

Two sugar paintings that earned me a gold medal each at a Culinary exhibition in Sydney, Australia in 1989 and 1990.

After the long journey of an international career that took me from Perth to Sydney, Guam to Manila via Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore, here I am, back home in France, where I can devote myself to painting and express if I can through my artist’s eyes, the beauty of simple everyday things that are so often hidden.

If I have been very eclectic in my work so far, I am now engaged in a quest to find my own style, like a ship at sea looking for a safe harbour at the end of a long voyage.