Jean Yves Meraud in his art studio Feb 2016

A few words to keep you posted on what I am working on presently. In my last blog, I introduced to you my last work – a portrait in crayon and charcoal of the great jazz musician Miles Davis, which was a private commission from my wife, Julie.

This spurred me into perhaps continuing this way with a series of works on musical greats. While I was toying with the idea, I stumbled upon an old sketch book on a crayon drawing. It had been done from an unknown life model while attending a portrait class years ago.

I thought it was good enough to develop into a fully fledged portrait. But the interesting thing is, the model I did it from, was really in many ways a look-alike of David Bowie. I carried on the work in any event, drawing it on paper with crayon, sepia and charcoal.

That same week David Bowie passed away… I decided it would be my tribute to him and his work. This portrait has turned out to be yet another of his persona, one of many David Bowie used to assume during his multi-faceted career. It is the portrait of a modern and tragic ‘Hamlet’ ; in fact, I call it ‘Hamlet, a trinity’ ; a trinity because it incorporates three personalities into one – the model from which the painting originated, David Bowie and Hamlet.

I have now started on a portrait of Leonard Cohen singing his song ‘Hallelujah’. It will be a portrait in oil on canvas. This is going to be a major work and I am mentally bracing myself for it. The series is progressing well and looking good. Miles Davis, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen – great people !

I do not know where this series will take me, but I want to wait until I consider it completed to present it to you in my virtual gallery. So bear with me!

This is all for now. I hope you are all well and happy. Take care till the next posting.


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