Today 12th of September 2015 is my first blog posting on the theme of a new beginning:

  • a new website, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile to promote my art
  • a new house with impending move around the corner
  • a new era and a new life altogether for Julie and me.
Autumn Day at La Bourlière

Autumn Day at La Bourlière
Oil on canvas
61cm x 46cm

Fittingly, today is a beautiful sunny September day and as an homage to La Bourlière, I want to say we are going to miss these ancient stones and the charm of this old house. But, the writing was on the wall. La Bourlière is a property that is in need of constant care and attention, and I have fallen into the trap of being totally occupied in mind and body with the maintenance tasks, forgetting everything else especially my art. So, I had to do something !

With the help of Julie, I am rewriting the script. We will move into a smaller property, an ancient home equally charming, but more compact and more modern. The house is called “Le Rôti” (the roast in French) — how appropriate for someone who has been in the cooking business all his life! Le Rôti stands alone in its sandy stone walls near a little pond on the edge of a forest surrounded by glorious rhododendrons and hydrangeas. I would qualify it as a real artist’s house. I think that artists are directly influenced by their experiences and environment, so what I am describing here is the stage and framework of my future works!

The first of those artworks will be a portrait of Miles Davies, which is already in the pipeline. It has been commissioned by Julie who is a great Jazz fan, hence the subject, but I suspect she did this to push me to start painting again! I am planning afterwards to work on  theme-based series, which should help me develop a more personal style.

As I am sitting here describing this somewhat idyllic new setting for my work, writing about a  new beginning and a new life for us, I have a slight guilty feeling for these poor people walking all across Europe, fleeing certain death in their own country and looking themselves for a new beginning and a new life. I hope that we Europeans shall do the right thing to help. There is hope as a positive movement has started. But, in this story, Germany is a real moral leader whilst France, country of the human rights, offers a very poor show indeed. The worse thing would be to be afraid of others’ differences. On the contrary, helping them will make us stronger and better people at the end.

This is it for today, I’ll will write a blog only when I feel I have something to say about my art or otherwise. Thank you to those who will take a little time to read these few words. Please help me spread the word about my art and invite your friends to like my Facebook page and visit my website!

Until the next blog post.