Just a few words to tell you that you will find on my website the finished portrait of Bruce Springsteen. I think it is quite powerful and gives the impression of a certain anxious concentration before his concert. I am quite pleased with the result.

I also wanted to tell you of a work I have just completed – the restoration of an old painting dating back to 1974. It is a portrait of an Irish friend May Doyle, painted in oil pastel on canvas board . It had considerably deteriorated during my various moves around the world in the last 40 years. It was one of these paintings that have followed me everywhere in my luggage.

This exercise was my first attempt in restoring my own work or any artwork at all for that matter. I cleaned it and repainted it completely in its original oil pastel medium and the result is quite stunning even if I say so myself. Please see the photos below taken before and after restoration.

That’s all for now. I hope you are all keeping well, until the next time.