On the occasion of the festive season, I wanted to present you my latest artwork, a portrait of Miles Davis – one of the greatest jazzmen who ever lived.


This portrait was commissioned to me quite a while back by Julie my wife, herself a Jazz lover. I intended it to be a full oil painting, but as I started to work on the canvas preparation and got to the sketching of the figure itself (a major stage in any portrait of course), I got so involved in fact that I kept on going, refining the drawing, the play of light and nuances, to the point of achieving quite a stunning result in my view, just with crayon, charcoal and a touch of white chalk.

Then, I got stuck ! It was a question of not knowing what to do next. I could get to the next stage by starting to apply the colors, which might destroy what had already been achieved or I could let it rest in its present incarnation as a sketch.

It stood on an easel for months until in fact two days ago, when it still stood this time in my new studio in our new house, Julie suggested I signed it away, so it could have its natural life as an artwork. I thought it was a great idea, gave it some finishing touches and signed it to present it to her as it was.

It goes to show that sometimes your own creation takes over and takes you in a totally different direction than you originally intended. So there you have it a tribute to ‘Miles Davis and Jazz‘ for my dear wife, signed today 23 December, 2015, a drawing on ‘canvas’ in crayon and charcoal.

I take this oppportunity to wish all my friends in France and around the world, much happiness for Christmas and the festive season and a very Happy New Year 2016.

Until the next posting !